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Bed wetting has been a problem spread widely among millions of children and has also been a cause of problem for parents. Parents try all kinds of methods possible, even alternative methods. What parents must know is that bed wetting is not really considered a problem until it has become happening regularly.

Once the parents decide to go seek a doctor’s help, the quest for a diagnosis begins. The doctor will ask for any bed wetting history in the child’s family. Medical complications at birth of the child will also be asked, as well Read more . . .

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One of the prevalent problems among people across the world is bed wetting or nocturnal enuresis. It is considered as taboo and in fact only few realize how common bed wetting actually is.

Some of the basic information on bedwetting is discussed for you to better understand this condition.

Bed wetting commonly occurs in the society’s youth with 5-7 million experiencing the condition, and boys being more afflicted than girls.  Read more . . .

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Nocturnal enuresis, more commonly known as bed wetting, is a problem that begins often during infancy and decreases as the child grows older. Persistence of this problem can be shameful or embarrassing for a child. This can a cause feeling of incompetence and affect his or her self-esteem.

One in every three kids wet their beds. According to studies, five to ten percent of all teenagers also still wet their beds. These numbers only show how widespread this problem is. The effects of bed wetting to a child’s mental health can be huge so it is important for parents and care takers of bed wetters to know how to help end bed wetting.  Read more . . .

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Medical professionals never got to isolate a single specific reason for wetting the bed. There is more than just one factor.

This has been a widespread phenomenon among children aged six and lower. Fifty percent of kids around six years of age wet their beds regularly. Around five percent of ten year olds also do the same.

Children develop the ability to control the bladder during the day before they learn to control it at night. Most doctors do not link this condition to any serious psychological or medical problem.  Read more . . .

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Bed wetting is a very common childhood problem. Here are some do’s and don’ts if your child is a bed wetter.

Do inform your pediatrician if the bed wetting has become a problem. You can get a lot of information and advice that put your minds by talking to your doctor.

Do explain to your child what is really happening when he or she wets the bed and be honest and open with all of your child’s questions.  Read more . . .