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There are a variety of reasons for hair loss. Some hair loss relates to genetics or to aging. However, one of the largest factors that may be tied to hair loss is stress. If you are experiencing unexplained hair loss, you may want to consider stress-related factors. Stress affects a variety of aspects of your life, including hair loss. If you determine stress is causing your hair loss, you will know if you need to make changes in your lifestyle in order to relieve your stress and put an end to the hair loss.  

Stress can be caused by external environmental factors, or it may be related to internal factors, like grief, depression, or resistance to change. If you suffer unresolved, continuous stress, it will begin to affect your body’s ability to react.  Hair loss will often follow in reaction to the manner in which stress is beginning to change your body’s hormonal balance. When stress happens in your body, it causes a change in your hormones, as well as the balance of your body. An excessive amount of one hormone may be produced in order for the body to try to get back to balance. These excess hormones may travel to the scalp area and start causing hair loss. Ordinarily, such hair loss will be noticeable after two to four months. You will be able to identify your hair loss by bald spots, hair thinning,  or more hair than normal falling out.

If you have stress-related hair loss, there are a variety of tactics that you can use in order to prevent it quickly.  Gradually, your hair will be capable of growing back. Stress-related hair loss is not generally permanent. When you eradicate the stress, your body will correct its hormonal imbalance and produce particular necessary nutrients. Making sure that you get the proper assistance will ensure that your hair is not lost forever and can start growing back as soon as possible.

One of the easiest steps to treat stress-induced hair loss is to make sure that you know a variety of ways to relax and calm yourself. Meditation techniques can be used to free oneself from everyday problems and is effective at helping to reduce stress levels. You can also change unhealthy dietary habits and begin exercising on a regular basis. If the problems are of a more external nature or are associated to a life-changing situation, there are a variety of places to go to get help in working through the problem. In time, your body will recover balance and your hair will begin to grow back.

If you are suffering from hair loss, it is important to determine why it is occurring. Stress does trigger hair loss. If you are suffering from stress as a result of something that has happened to you, you should make sure to find how to manage your needs. Your hair is an expression of your body balance and what you are reacting. If it is falling out or thinning,  it may be caused by stress and can be treated with change of lifestyle and getting adequate help.

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