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One of the prevalent problems among people across the world is bed wetting or nocturnal enuresis. It is considered as taboo and in fact only few realize how common bed wetting actually is.

Some of the basic information on bedwetting is discussed for you to better understand this condition.

Bed wetting commonly occurs in the society’s youth with 5-7 million experiencing the condition, and boys being more afflicted than girls. 

In reality, several factors can cause bed wetting, such as heredity, difficulty in waking up at night, a slower than normal development of the central nervous system, an abnormality in the urethral valve, hormonal factors, urinary tract infection and a small bladder size.

Most 5 year olds (and below) go through nocturnal enuresis since they are unable to adequately control their bladder.

One of the common steps taken by parents is to consult a doctor about the problem. Doctors could trace and even pinpoint the root cause of the problem. In case a consultation does not address the problem then there are several other methods, which include setting up an alarm that sounds off whenever the bed becomes and hold it in whenever they feel wet, requesting the child to try the need to urinate and rewarding the child if they get through the night without one incidence of bed wetting.

Sometimes a 7 year-old still suffers from bed wetting despite all the measures stated above. It is better to consult a doctor and check if prescribed medications are required. There are 2 forms of medication currently out in the market that can help cure bed wetting, where one can increase the bladder’s ability to hold in more urine and the other is to decrease the amount of produced urine.

Although several options are available, always make it a point to let the child know that bed wetting is not entirely their fault and that they can have a part in controlling it. Make them look forward to the time that they will not be wetting the bed anymore.

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