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We are likely to need legal help at least once a year, yet many of us do not actively seek legal assistance.

According to a survey conducted by Leo J. Shapiro and Associates, on behalf of the American Bar Association’s Section of Litigation, close to three quarters of American adults go through some event during a twelve-month period that may require the services of an attorney. Read more . . .

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North America’s fastest growing offence does not involve guns, or even physical violence.  Today’s crooks have a new weapon of choice:  your personal information.  Committing identity theft is as easy as obtaining the right data and fraudulently using the information for personal advantage.   It is a simple but personally and financially demoralizing process.

Identity theft occurs when a person obtains and uses another’s personal data for purposes of deception and fraud.  In most cases, identity theft allows the perpetrator to benefit financially through gain of goods, money,  or services.  Read more . . .

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There are a lot of movies out there that portray what a powerful criminal tool the internet is.  Most of these give you an idea about hackers stealing document files online. But did you know that identity theft can happen on the internet as well?

In today’s world, the internet has become a haven for scam-artists and criminals. Most of these criminals gain access to passwords, personal data, and identifying information in order to gain access Read more . . .

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Most people have heard of identity theft, but not everyone knows how it happens.   The act of committing this malicious and dangerous   crime may be simple or complex, and can be fascinating to study.

Identity theft happens when a thief assumes another individual’s identity and uses confidential information intended only for the owner’s exclusive use.  Using the stolen name and important confidential information, the criminal commits Read more . . .

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Are you contemplating about a prepaid legal plan? Here’s a run-down of the services you’re most likely to receive and also some legal papers you need to sign before you subscribe.

Office and Telephone Consultation: You have unlimited telephone access to a panel of attorneys regarding any legal matter of interest to you. You can also make short consultation visits to your lawyer for up to half an hour a day at no cost to you. The only condition placed on these two benefits is that you inquire about a different legal Read more . . .