Mother and baby with a doctor

Bed wetting is a very common childhood problem. Here are some do’s and don’ts if your child is a bed wetter.

Do inform your pediatrician if the bed wetting has become a problem. You can get a lot of information and advice that put your minds by talking to your doctor.

Do explain to your child what is really happening when he or she wets the bed and be honest and open with all of your child’s questions. 

Do share your bed wetting experiences with your child so that he or she will not feel alone. It will be comforting for your child to know that a loved one has gone through the same e thing he or she is going through right now.

Do educate yourself about bed wetting as much as you can through books, the internet, your doctor, or a support group that your doctor may recommend. The more you know, the more confident you will feel about coping with the situation.

Do be patient and calm, especially during moments of frustration. This could be upsetting to you, but it is more upsetting to your child!

Do be supportive and understanding of your child who may already be having feelings of shame, fear and self-ridicule all because of his bed wetting problem. Try to ease the situation in the best way you can.

Do give your child a reward for every dry night and be consistent about this. Consistence is an important basis in every area of parenting and will lead to more accomplishments as a parent.

Do comfort your child physically and emotionally comfortable and secure as best you can. Try putting thicker underwear or pajamas on your child at night.

Do try as many treatments as you can until you finally find one that works for your child.

Do make honest attempts to change any habits that your child has that may be causing the bed wetting.

Don’t criticize or embarrass your child because of this problem. Your child feels bad enough already.

Don’t blame your child for his bed wetting condition. It is not his fault and this can terribly damage his vulnerable self-esteem.

Don’t scold or punish you child for this condition. He does not do it on purpose and it is not your fault as a parent either.

Don’t confine your child at home and forbid sleepovers at friends’ houses or campouts just because of bed wetting. Letting your children sleep outside and letting them enjoy doing the activities they love may help end bed wetting.

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