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People, particularly women, spend thousands of dollars in trying to find the ultimate solution to acne problems in order to maintain their soft skin.

What these women do not know is that whatever they are applying to their skin might also be the same thing causing the acne to begin developing.

Whenever acne shows up on women’s faces, they will surely spend well-earned money for some means to get rid of the acne that will prove ineffective in the end. So much money and effort goes to waste. 

Here are a couple of mistakes that women often make, and some solutions for acne:

1. Reusing a concealer applicator for acne

If you have acne and wish to hide it, just dip the applicator in the bottle and directly apply the liquid to the inflamed blemish, right? The right answer is NO.

Reapplying a concealer to your face with the applicator supplied by the manufacturer only does one thing and that is to spread more bacteria. As soon as you apply the concealer to your face with the applicator wand, you simply return it to the bottle where the bacteria have a whole container in which to thrive.

Providing the bacteria an ideal breeding ground is what caused acne in the first place. Do not give them a new real estate in which they can happily grow.

The Acne Solution

Put the concealer using a cotton swab. Do not use the applicator stick supplied by the concealer manufacturer to ensure that all your concealer applications are always fresh and free of bacteria as much as possible.

2. Reusing the foundation sponge

The same explanation applies why you should not reuse your foundation sponge, which is to limit the reach of bacteria.

The Acne Solution

Do not use the foundation sponge, even once, that is supplied by the manufacturer. Use a cotton ball as an substitute to apply the foundation to keep all your foundation applications clean.

3. Applying face moisturizers and make-up with a heavy hand

Are you one of those ladies who want to pile up layers upon layers of make-up onto their faces?

You might want to think twice about it because make-up caking does block the pores. Clogged pores are an perfect breeding ground for bacteria that causes acne.

The Acne Solution

Always lightly  put your moisturizer and make-up. One easy trick to make sure that you are lightly applying your make-up and moisturizer is that you only feel a tickling sensation during application.

Another advantage of light facial handling is that you reduce the stretching and lessen the risk of irritating your skin – a combination that can help limit the onset of wrinkles and breakouts of acne.

4. Uneven cosmetic application

If you start to notice a collection of pimples surrounding your hairline or temple, this could be because you always begin applying the moisturizer or make-up at the bottom of your face and work your way upwards.

On the other hand, if the make-up or moisturizer collects at your hairline or  at the temples, the cosmetic excess may block the pores and cause acne to appear.

The Acne Solution

Ensure that you evenly spread the make-up or moisturizer across the whole face. Keep in mind that hair styling agents may have spread to your hairline and this increases the chances of the pores getting congested and acne appearing.

While cleansing your face, do not forget to apply a warm cloth onto your hairline area to help remove the waxy build-up that comes from hairstyling agents, make up, and moisturizers.

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