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There are a lot of myths going around about bed wetting. Below are these myths and facts that you can believe.

Myth: Bed wetters are lazy.

Fact: Being lazy has nothing to do with wetting the bed. Bed wetting is involuntary. A lot of kids who wet their bed are deep sleepers who do not get to wake up when the brain says its time to empty the bladder. Calling a child lazy just because the child wets the bed could affect the self esteem. Read more . . .

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Bed wetting can be humiliating. Why does it happen? How can you correct it?

When looking for a remedy for bed wetting, you should first consider what exactly is causing the bed wetting to occur.  If you have a child that has problems with wetting the bed, it is important that you find a remedy for them.  Not only is it important for their emotional well being,  but a problem with bed wetting can be expensive as well, with the cost of bed wetting diapers and the bedding that needs regular washing. The first step in finding a cure for bed wetting is to find out what is causing it.  Here are three probable reasons: Read more . . .