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Bed wetting is more than simply an inconvenience. Those that suffer from bed wetting face many dilemma associated with this condition.  Wetting the bed is often more than just a phase a child is going through.  If you are the parent of a child suffering from this problem, it is up to you to get them the medical attention they require.  You have to insure that their bed wetting is not going to damage their self esteem.  There are many children (as well as adults) who, finding themselves in this situation, feel as though they have done something wrong,  like they are being punished,  or like there is something wrong with them. This can be  shocking to their self-esteem and can have lifelong effects.    

A child who wets the bed generally has no control over the situation.  In some cases, it is a medical condition that adds up to the problem.  Often, it is due to circumstances that are not medically related — such as problems with parents, peers,  and others in general. Sometimes, wetting the bed is a signal that something else is wrong. It is important for you to talk to your child in order to learn why it is happening and then work to correct it.  While seeking a doctor’s help is the primary step you should take, the next step is to learn your child’s feelings about this situation.

Encouraging a child who bed wets to do better is not enough, nor even appropriate. The kid needs to be reassured that this is not something that they have done wrong.  The kid should never be reprimanded for wetting the bed.  It is not something for which they should be scolded, yelled at,  or otherwise punished.  In the end, a child who is wetting the bed is one who needs guidance and reassurance.

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